Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FDR on the side of liberty?

Politicians should be rewarded for getting the government off our backs. According to this article, they actually are. I never considered FDR's administration to be favorable for personal liberty - on balance it certainly wasn't - but this is a very interesting point.

An increasing number of people are no longer willing to complacently rely on impossible promises from politicians regarding our big problems. More people are willing to look behind the curtain. As a result, more and more people are thinking critically about the size, scope and costs (seen and unseen) of government.

More and more people are now challenging conventional wisdom on things like entitlement spending, regulations, drug prohibition, and war. People are more likely to understand the unintended consequences of these government actions.

I think New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's popularity proves the public actually likes it when someone levels with them. People who support kicking the can down the road are already being kicked out of office. This is a big change.