Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hypocrites on the left and right

Rachel Maddow seems pretty pleased about the low attendance at recent Tea Party rallies. Well, if she thinks the turnout there is small, she should try to find an anti-war rally.

The Progressive movement is proving to be worse than useless to people who are genuinely concerned about war and the destruction of our civil liberties. If they were in the streets in response to Bush's unconstitutional warmongering, massive military spending, domestic spying, and obliteration of the 4th Amendment, where are they hiding now that Obama is upping the ante on all of the above?

It's because many of them have no ideological basis for their beliefs. Like Republicans who pushed socialized medicine under Medicare Part D, gave massive bailouts to failed businesses, and ran up insane debt, they're letting their president get away with anything he wants, based on nothing other than partisanship.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rent-A-Center Government

If you had the option to finance a car with an adjustable rate loan, with zero down and no payments for five years, I hope you wouldn't do it. You would be upside down immediately. By the time the first payment came due, you'd already be looking for a new car, and actually owe way more than when you bought it. Borrowing to finance current consumption is a recipe for financial ruin. Most financially responsible people recognize this and live accordingly.

So why do we let previous generations do this, but pass the bill for their expenses to us? We're still paying for the waste and wars pursued by long dead political leaders. That is tragic.

Incredibly, we still refuse to admit we can't keep borrowing forever, which means we're trying to push the burden on to our children. That is shameful.