Sunday, October 29, 2006

BF 2006

I'm ready. Are you?

is where I'll be getting the inside scoop on all of the sales, so my team can plot strategy before the big day. Think I'm kidding? Last year we got 1/3 of the $379 laptops at the WalMart location we hit. This is a sub-$400 laptop with decent specs, and it's two weeks before Thanksgiving. I could be wrong, but I predict Wal-Mart will have a $300 laptop on Black Friday, with no rebates.

Plus, the rumor is that BB will have a 42" Sharp Aquos 1080p LCD for $1200 on BF. I'm skeptical, because that sounds way too good to be true, but we'll see.

New Layout

I got bored, so I changed the template. What do you think?

Punters should not try to be heroes.


Haven't done this in a while

Taken with my 18-200mm Nikkor.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Comcast Problems

In case you remember my Dish/ATT troubles a couple months ago, I'm now having Comcast problems as a result. I canceled my Comcast account to switch to Dish, and then switched back a couple weeks later. I finally got the dish off my roof, and returned the equipment to Dish. I never returned my cable box to Comcast, because they hooked it back up when they re-installed my cable service. Problem is, someone didn't get the memo, and they billed me $531.766 because they think I still have the equipment. I do, but I'm also a current subscriber. I've been on hold for about an hour or so waiting to talk to someone who can straighten this out.

I need to give someone power of attorney to deal with customer service for me.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well, I'm making my third trip to Omaha tomorrow, and will be in Boston on Wednesday. I was told I'd be travelling quite a bit when I was hired, but haven't done much so far. I think that's changing, which is fine with me. I'd like to be able to get out a little more. Hopefully I'll have a couple hours to go see some things, but we'll see.

Great Photography Site

I've known about it for some time, but have largely ignored it until the other day. Ken Rockwell gives some good, albeit blunt advice for photographers. He's very opinionated, but I suppose he has a good basis for those opinions. I'm going to try to use his site to learn Adobe Photoshop. I really could stand to do that, although if Nikon would ever release their Capture NX program for Intel Macs, I'd probably go for that instead.

I think Hillary and I may take a photography class at JCCC or somewhere similar. I could really stand to learn some things, and if it works out well, I might take a class on Photoshop as well. Plus it would give Hillary and I something to do together during the week.

Got some more.

I picked up another 35 Nikon 18-200mm VR lenses. Wanna guess what I'm doing with them? In related news, another seller stole a picture I took of one of my lenses to use in his eBay auction. I reported the image theft to eBay, and they quickly removed his listing. Then the guy threatens me through the ask a seller a question feature on eBay. I reported him again. We'll see what happens.

I'm not interested in getting in a fight with another seller on eBay. There's plenty of room for everyone, as long as they don't steal my listing.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The lenses have been gone for a few days...

...but more are on the way. I should have 1o more coming. I'm definitely keeping one of them this time. It's like a license to print money. If I could only find a way to get some PS3's. Supply is supposed to be very tight, and I'm sure demand will be high. If I could get enough of them, I could pay off my student loans. I might get creative.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


"We put one together – a whole complete game."
-Herm Edwards

Yes, they did. I've been frustrated with the first two games, especially Denver. We had a chance...a real, solid put Denver down on their own turf for the first time in forever. We couldn't do it, simply because we didn't have enough points on the board at the end.

In all fairness, Damon Huard from two weeks ago wasn't the Damon Huard from today. He had a lot more confidence, and the offense looked like it was ready to put the 'Niners away.

The defense played an outstanding, tough game. It's one thing to score 41 points in a game. It's another thing to keep a team from scoring a single point. I think they only kicked a single field goal, which obviously missed. It's pretty impressive if you can keep a team on the wrong side of the field for pretty much the entire game. They forced some good turnovers as well.

Special teams even played very well. Tynes is looking good, and the fake field goal/punt was great. Colquitt was standing on the 4 yard line, and punted it to the 25. I couldn't believe it. And Dante had a good runback. Penalties were at a minimum. It was an all around solid game.

My confidence in Huard is through the roof. Huard's confidence in Huard is much improved, which is big in and of itself. Let Trent Green get back to 100% before putting him back out there. Like everyone, I hope that's as soon as possible, but it's not like we're as desperate without him as everyone had feared.

I LOVE the fact that there is more focus on the defense. The personel isn't much different than last year, but it's a completely different attitude. But in all fairness to the people complaining, it takes a solid offensive output to win games in the NFL. D can only get you so far. Hopefully, after today, we can have a good enough balance to get ahead, and stay ahead.