Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Base

I listed some of my lenses on the new Google Base service. My initial impressions are positive, but it could really use some improvements. Such as the ability to add HTML to your listing. At least some basic editing functionality like Blogger has would be nice. I'd like to be able to easily add hyperlinks, change font size, type, and color. While I'm at it, it would also be nice if Blogger had a file upload service, so I could post my resume, etc.

I'd like to see this put some serious pressure on eBay. I've made a lot of money from eBay, but competition might mean I could make more, because they're making less. What I'm REALLY looking forward to is when they come out with a PayPal killer. I can stand eBay taking a chunk, but it really gets me that PayPal charges so much, and provides so little in return. Unfortunately it's almost a necessity if you work on eBay.

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TheMemoWriter said...

Preaching to the choir my friend.

Sometimes I wish that I could just pick something arbitrary like Paypal and dedice my entire life to destroying it-- either until I succeded or died. It really is a testiment to the age that we're living in that a company like that can not only exist, but make a tremendous profit. Consider what it really is...a bunch of servers and some computer code, coupled with a gang of bad customer support from overseas. They operate like a slient robot constantly sucking in money, every second that passes; more money for them. And they're making interest on that money. Best of all, no one really ever has to do anything other than answer some phones and piss the customers off enough that they'll bother calling again. Who cares? They're still not going to get that monitor cheaper from someone else. Screw em!

Smells like success to me. What a world!