Saturday, January 07, 2006

First post of 2006

I've been pretty flaky with the posting lately, so here's an update.

-My grades came back for the semester, 2 A's, a B+, and a B. Best semester yet.
-I have a jury trial scheduled for January, 17th. Should be a good experience.
-I had some photos printed for my relatives 16x20, for free w/ $5.00 shipping.
-I now have Hillary's iPod playing songs in my car, thanks to the iTrip.
-Speaking of iPods, I'm hoping to get a free one before I graduate from WestLaw.
-Sold the last of my 2005 inventory on eBay. I did almost $100k in business this year.
-Picked up a couple leather chairs for Hillary for Christmas.
-Went to Lake Leelanau, MI with Hillary's family between Christmas and New Years.
-Scout came down with some type of conjunctivitis at the kennel during our MI trip.
-I suspiciously came down with a similar ailment once Scout came back. Dr. time for us both.
-I'm finally finishing up the Dark Tower series. I'm a good chunk of the way into the last book.
-Due to a generous gift this Christmas, I now have 1TB (terabyte) of storage space, in addition to what's currently in my PC. I'll have to figure out what to do with it all.
-I'm now attempting to lose weight again. I tend to fluctuate pretty badly over time, but I'd like to get to about 175 lbs again. I'm on my way there, I've already dropped about 5-10.
-I'm getting ready to buy a new Powerbook that will (hopefully) be anounced next Tuesday at Macworld San Francisco. And I'm going to get it for hundreds below cost due to some wheeling and dealing I did, starting on Black Friday. I have a bad feeling that MWSF will come and go without a new 15" Powerbook.

That's about it for now. Have a good New Year.

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