Sunday, March 12, 2006

Here Come the Jayhawks!

This blog started focusing on KU Basketball a while back, so I made a conscious effort to get away from focusing too heavily on one subject.

I'm done with that nonsense now.  I want to talk about KU.  We looked GOOD today.  I can't get over how much Julian Wright reminds me of Julius Erving.  All he needs are some really skimpy shorts and an afro.  The dunk he made after the steal today was simply amazing.  And the 360 he iced the game with wasn't too shabby either.  He's really exciting to watch.  He seems so animated when he's out there.

The three-point shooting was great today too.  It's probably safe to say this was my favorite game to watch of the Bill Self era.  All is good in Lawrence, KS.

Especially because school's cancelled tomorrow.   


Paul said...

KU looked strong today. I was expecting a much closer game. They've grown up significantly over the season. It'll be interesting to watch them in the tourney.

TheMemoWriter said...


yopele said...

I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting teams that I've ever watched: so much joie de jouer. I don't think the guys are ready to match up against the Duke's or Connecticut's, but they're only 1 test game away from being ready. Unfortunately, this season they don't get the test game. But there's always next year.

yopele said...
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yopele said...

Sons'a bitches! That was the worst I've seen them play this year. Everyone of them, aside from perhaps Wright and Kaun, was so tight. They were so tight that they couldn't even play defense. Oh well, there's always next year. I know that's probably what some people said last year, but I think the growing pains have passed, and I can say it and truly expect more.

I must say that it's fun to watch the lower seeds play like its their last games. In nearly every game I watched today the lower seed played better for the majority of the game. They just usually didn't have enough in reserve to hold out. Bradley, NW St., GMU and NC State did. Good games.

Paul said...

Welcome to the Valley of Death :o)