Sunday, May 06, 2007

Year Zero

I've listened to Year Zero (the new NIN CD) several times now, and I think I enjoy it quite a bit better than With Teeth.

I like some of the guerilla marketing NIN has done for this album. The entire album will be released in GarageBand format, allowing anyone to remix it. Before it was released, people found USB keys containing various songs from the album in random bathrooms in Europe. Also, the entire album has been streaming on the NIN website for some time now. And that's not even mentioning the conspiracy theory website. It's received a great deal of press, and I hope it works out for the band. flipthedolphin has a good recap of the events. I highly recommend reading it.

I bought the CD, so it worked on me, at least. Another cool thing is that the CD is black, but when you take it out of the CD player, it turns white. After it cools down, it goes back to black.

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