Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Croc of $#!&

I missed my flight back from a deposition on Tuesday, and ended up stuck in Ft. Lauderdale last night. Compounding the problem, I didn't have any extra clothes. I only had my wrinkly dress clothes in which I had been sweating all day. Walking 6 blocks, while lugging two stuffed briefcases in the Florida heat will do that to you.

I went to the Bass Pro Shop next door to my hotel to pick up something cheap and comfortable to wear the next day. I grabbed a decent baseball style shirt for $12, and some shorts which unfortunately turned out to be smaller than advertised. The big problem was that the only footwear I had were a pair of Clark's dress shoes. I looked for a cheap pair of flip-flops, but the cheapest I could find were $25.

I didn't want to blow that kind of money on a third pair of flip-flops, especially for one day, so I looked into something a little nicer, but more versatile. I planned to buy a cool-looking pair of Columbia water shoes, but the stupid clerk wouldn't stop goofing off to get me a pair.

Then I saw the Crocs. I've heard how comfortable they are, etc. However, I've always been skeptical, and thought they were a fad that was running on borrowed time. I also strongly suspect these were not intended for males. I was desperate though, and decided to chance it. I thought it would be better than blowing $25 on a crappy pair of thongs. If only I had known.

They are some of the least comfortable footwear I have ever owned, besides a pair of Bass dress shoes sitting in my closet. My feet started sweating immediately, and a sore from the strap rubbing on my feet appeared within a few hours. My (admittedly excessive) foot hair compounded the problem. The rubbery material of the shoes pulls my toe hair, and the hair on top of my feet. It felt as if my shoes were giving my feet noogies every time I took a step.

I was highly disappointed. The Crocs get two big toes down.

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