Sunday, September 09, 2007

America, here we come.

I finally received my Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. This means Hillary can fly with me for free anytime I fly on Southwest. It works with my free flights, as well.

I fly Southwest for work as often as I can, and purchase most of my eBay inventory with a Southwest rewards card. Every time you take 8 round trips, or spend $16,000, you get a free flight. If you get enough points, you get a companion pass, allowing you to choose someone who can ride with you for free, anywhere you go.

This should open up some travel possibilities for Hillary and I. We're trying to choose between NYC, Washington D.C. or San Diego. Finding time will be the tricky part.

I love Southwest, largely because of its great customer service. I quickly reach a friendly, native English speaker every time I call. On the other hand, dealing with Delta this summer frustrated me greatly. I couldn't understand the CSR, and he couldn't understand me. He gave me bad information after a 45-minute wait. I had to call back and wait another 45 minutes to resolve my issue.

I highly recommend Southwest.

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N. J. Thomas said...

Plus, you don't have to report those miles on your taxes!