Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dell "Customer Service"

20:03:03 System System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
20:03:03 System System
Connected with Munish Kumar
20:03:07 Agent Munish Kumar
Thank you for choosing Dell Customer Chat. My name is Munish. How may I assist you today?
20:03:21 Customer Brad Raple
Hello. I just placed an order today. Number 9930XXXXX. I need to cancel the order.
20:03:37 Agent Munish Kumar
I realize that you want to cancel the order. Could you please tell me the reason for the cancellation? It would be a feedback for us.
20:03:56 Customer Brad Raple
I decided to go with a different lens.
20:04:08 Agent Munish Kumar
20:04:13 Agent Munish Kumar
If you want I can process an order cancellation request. Once the order is cancelled it cannot be re-instated. Do you wish to cancel the order?
20:04:38 Customer Brad Raple
Yes. I paid for part of the order with a gift card. Will the amount be re-credited to my gift card?
20:05:03 Agent Munish Kumar
No, it would not be applied back.
20:05:14 Customer Brad Raple
Then how would I get my money back?
20:05:43 Agent Munish Kumar
Brad, once the gift card is applied, there is no option that we can refund that amount.
20:06:05 Customer Brad Raple
So the sale is final? And if I cancel the order I lose the money on the card?
20:06:23 Agent Munish Kumar
Yes, Brad.
20:07:13 Customer Brad Raple
Well, don't cancel the order then. Otherwise I'll lose $100. I can't believe that all gift card sales are final.
20:07:28 Customer Brad Raple
I didn't see anything indicating that. The card itself doesn't say that.
20:07:33 Agent Munish Kumar
I understand.
20:07:58 Agent Munish Kumar
However, please be informed that gift cards can be applied only once.
20:08:03 Agent Munish Kumar
Is there anything else I can assist you with?
20:09:03 Agent Munish Kumar
Brad, not to rush you, are we still connected?
20:09:05 Customer Brad Raple
Yeah, that's what you're telling me. I think it's ridiculous though. You haven't even shipped my item, and you are taking the amount of my gift card. It doesn't look like you can help me at all.
20:09:53 Agent Munish Kumar
I apologize for the difficulty you have had getting this issue resolved. We value you as our customer and your time is equally important to us. I can surely transfer this chat to my Manager, however, there is no option that we can refund the gift card.
20:10:14 Customer Brad Raple
Well, if there's nothing you can do, I don't see the point. Thanks anyway.
20:10:16 System System
The session has ended!

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