Friday, February 22, 2008

I like where this is headed. But...

With the iPhone SDK coming any day now, we can expect all kinds of great programs like this one for the iPhone. This hasn't yet happened, supposedly because Apple wants to retain control of iPhone applications to ensure compatibility, stability...and other red herrings.

I suspect the real reason is money.

It makes sense that iPhone applications will be provided via iTunes. But will Apple give freeware a chance, or will you have to pay to get the applications? Even if Apple doesn't directly prohibit free downloads, will it charge for the "digital signature" needed for compatibility?

If so, freeware will probably be sparse, at best. Developers give away free software all the time, but I doubt many would pay for the privilege to do so. If Apple charges for the digital signature it will relegate most amateur applications, like the one above, to the "jailbroken" iPhone ghetto.

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