Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back in Twin Falls

I'm having a ton of fun. I managed to empty my Outlook inbox. It had just under 20,000 messages.

By now I should have stumbled into a good restaurant simply by chance. Unfortunately, the best meal I've eaten in Idaho so far was a polish sausage from Costco. To be fair, I really like Costco's polish sausages, but the fact that I chose to eat a $1.50 Sausage AND drink instead of using my $50 in free coupons to the hotel restaurant says something.

I'm really not picky, but the Mexican restaurant where I ate tonight forgot to put ice in my tea. Iced tea only has two ingredients, and they forgot one of them. I hope they pay more attention to sanitation.

The picture above was supposedly taken near here. If the deposition finishes quickly tomorrow, I might try to sneak out there. But I probably won't get the chance.

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