Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Urge to kill...rising...

A while back I explained why I liked Facebook better than MySpace. I noted that I didn't like the nearly universally bad "applications" that Facebook shoves down my throat. Since then, things have gotten worse.

Check out the list of things people have invited me to do:

-Determine which 1950's pin-up girl I am.
-Same thing, but with serial killers.
-Create a professional wrestler persona to "wrestle" other people. Thanks, Matt. (Or should I call you "Bishop Augustus Beatdown")
-Debate the existence of a higher being
-Test my grammar skills (That's a fun one)
-And the incomparable movie trivia challenges.
-Dozens of other inane "activities"

I really liked Facebook because it's layout was so much cleaner than MySpace. Well, they've narrowed the gap, considerably.

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