Saturday, April 05, 2008

Chemlawn + Scam

My Google trick worked again!

We were considering TruGreen Chemlawn to help our lawn. I decided to run the quick litmus test from a few posts ago. Look at what I found.

Excerpts from

"We were guaranteed by the manager of TruGreen in the spring of 2006 that by the June of 2007, all the weeds in our lawn would be removed. We gave them until Dec. 2007 to remove the weeds, but my lawn is still covered in weeds.

We have watched the tech come out and not spray but received a bill stating that they treated the lawn for weeds. We have had the service for 8 years thinking the service would improve. For eight years we still have weeds. TruGreen will not take care of this problem."
-Mark of Branchville, AL (01/01/08)

"I used to work for Trugreen Chemlawn until I realized they are nothing but a scam. They could care less about your lawn. If they are not making enough money, the managers tell you to do '' double applications'' which burns lawns and causes more problems. They lie, cheat and steal. It is the worst company I have ever worked for."
-David of Newark De DE (02/27/08)

"I had a beautiful lawn and Trugreen kept it that way until one day last summer they used something that killed my whole yard."
-Debbie of Lexington KY (03/05/08)

"Tru-Green Chemlawn treated my lawn for weeds for about 2 years. Every time the lawn was sprayed for weeds, the weeds would turn yellow and grow bigger, but not die. I cancelled my service, and my lawyer had to send them a letter to stop calling me to reinstate my service. Terrible company."
-Arlene of Ocala FL (03/14/08)

The New Jersey AG's office even sued them for unfair business practices. It took me longer to type this post than it did to research the company, saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Not to mention a big headache.

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