Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend projects

I'm happy. Two days of good weather in a row. Yesterday started off a little dreary, but turned out great. We did some yard work yesterday. Hillary mowed the lawn. I coaxed a little more life from our weed eater. Hillary fertilized and over-seeded. I replaced the downstairs bathroom faucet. I haven't tested it yet because the feed lines are about 2 inches too short. Looks like a third trip to Ace Hardware this weekend is in the cards.

We're also considering a fence for our backyard. We selected the materials, but need to contact a surveyor to ensure it doesn't extend onto the adjoining property. A fence will make taking Scout out easier. Just open the door. He'll like being off his chain, as well.

Here's a tip: Before buying something at Home Depot or Lowe's (or anywhere else), check eBay for coupons. I purchased a 20% off Home Depot coupon on eBay for around $11. On a $2,000 purchase, this will save you $400, plus the taxes on that $400.

But what if you'd rather shop at Lowe's? No problem. Lowe's takes competitor's coupons.

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Sherry said...

I have learned you can't do any home improvement projects without 3trips. Its either 3 trips to the tool box or 3 trips to the store.