Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fixing up the place

Hillary and I planted five trees last week. We also swapped out the landscaping rocks in the front yard for some nicer ones, and put down some mulch. I replaced our downstairs bathroom faucet a couple weeks ago. I just did both of the faucets in the master bath, today. The second faucet I did took about 1/3 of the time that the first one did, and the third took about 1/2 the time the second one did. The next one should be cake.

Hillary's been hard at work, painting the master bath, and has started on the spare bedroom. I think it'll look pretty nice, once it's finished. She mowed the lawn, and I did the trimming. I put together the tool cabinet I bought from Sears a week or so ago, on clearance. It's pretty nice. I bought a spare, and think I might keep it, and put it upstairs in the office closet. I could keep computer parts, tools, and camera equipment in it. I'll have to convince Hillary that it's a good idea. ;)

We're trying to get a fence rounded up for our backyard. It would make dealing with Scout MUCH easier. Also, I'd like to install an electrical socket in the office closet. That way I could move the printers, router, etc. in there, and get it off my desk. The less that's out there, the better.

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Sherry said...

You can come do some faucets for us now that you are a pro! Haha! Sounds like you've been hard at work.