Saturday, August 09, 2008


Need a TV wall-mount?
Need an HDMI cable?
Need a retractable iPod cable?

This place really lives up to its reputation. You can get HDMI cables for under $6, every day. Best Buy charges $220 for an equivalent cable. The Monoprice cables are every bit as good, I promise.

Don't listen to the TV salesman. Do your own research. Incredibly, you'll spend twice as much just on tax for the Best Buy cable than the Monoprice cable costs total.

Best Buy wants $152.99 (on sale) for a wall-mount rated lower than the one I bought for $24.50.

Check out this order I just placed:

Adjustable Tilting Wall Mount Bracket(Max 165Lbs) - $24.50
Retractable iPhone sync Cable (Quantity: 4) - $6.24

SubTotal - $30.74

S&H Cost - $10.64

Grand Total - $41.38

Do me a favor, and tell everyone you know not to buy ANY cables or wall-mounts from retailers. Wal-Mart charges a lot less than Best Buy for HDMI cables, but even $20 is a lot more than $5.

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Barb said...

Thanks Brad! You do us all a great service here! I have always bought my computer cables online. CompUsa was the worst in pricing on them. Best Buy is getting worse all the time. They are no longer the 'BEST BUY'. Wasn't that the reason for the name in the first place?