Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stupid business decisions

The "Wide-Receiver Formerly Known as Chad Johnson" legally changed his name to "Chad Ocho Cinco" before the football season started. In case you hadnt heard, he wanted to change his jersey to match his new name, but the NFL wouldn't let him unless he reimbursed Reebok for the cost of the previously printed jerseys.

By not waiving this requirement, Reebok failed basic marketing. They should have eaten the cost, printed up a new batch of Ocho Cinco jerseys, and sold them like Tickle-Me-Elmos. Fans with "Johnson" jerseys would have bought new ones, and there was huge potential in the novelty market.

Next year, the novelty will be gone, and that crowd won't buy them. The joke is already getting old. Not many fans will buy the leftover jerseys anyway, now that they know the new ones are coming? Haven't they heard of the Osborne Effect?

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