Saturday, November 22, 2008

New TV

Here it is. I was skeptical about plasma, but I'm pretty pumped about this one. I ran to Blockbuster to grab Iron Man for a little Blu-ray oriented testing. The picture quality and movie were both impressive. I watched CSI Miami as well, to test standard HD. The picture quality was great there, too. The crappy programming was less so.

I can't stand Jerry Bruckheimer.


thepcguy said...

Its the time of year
To give good tidings and cheer
Both to friends and foes
And sisters and bros.

Though I have been quiet as of late
I hope this post impacts your fate
When it comes time for Christmas Shopping
Be smart with the dollars you are dropping!

For perhaps this is the year
When you will wise up and face your fear
At last, you can admit to the world
Mac users are getting squirreled.

The PC is the best!
The PC is great!
The PC is superior!
There is no reason to hate!

And so, as I wish you happy holidays
(Or non-holidays, if you do not celebrate)
I have a wish of my own
Put down the Mac
And send it back
And have a lovely holiday (or non-holiday) at home!

Merry ____


Brad Raple said...

You'll no doubt be thrilled to hear I just bought a MacBook Air. And am posting this from my iPhone.

Raple Wifey said...

Hahahaha! That is bizarre....

thepcguy said...

Ah, the MacBook Error.
Yes, I've heard of it.
Fine piece of equipment,
I'm sure. No doubt.