Tuesday, December 09, 2008

South Dakota is cold in December.

Just in case there was any confusion.

-- Post From My iPhone


Sherry said...

Well, your not missing out on anything...Kansas weather is sucking right now too.

thepcguy said...

What else is cold?
The student asked the master.
That which shines the most.
For those who boast.
The master replied.

I am not ready.
I do not understand.
You will be ready.
You will understand.
No, I don't, I won't.
You do, you will!

Now take this golden mallot,
The moon is full!
The time is right!
As the tears stream down the face of St. Peter,
Smash that Apple!
Smash the Mac!
Yes, that's it!
The deed is done!
The fruit is gone.

And so it was, that on that fateful day, the student learned a very valuable lesson, from a very wise master.

Raple Wife said...

That is getting weirder each time.

Anyhow, "I hate South Dakota." That is my poem for the day. Thank you and good day.