Monday, January 12, 2009

New Nursery Photos

Hillary made the letters, in the pic above. The rest of the pictures are here, at my SmugMug page. The bookshelf came from Target, and perfectly matches the finish on the crib and dresser, which came from Nebraska Furniture Mart. We were able to get the recliner for cheap from NFM, after some negotiating.

Bonus points if you can spot the tiny Jayhawk 2008 National Championship banner. Thanks, Tom.


Sherry said...

Good job! It is so cute! Hillary did an awesome job on the letters! She'll have to give me some tips later.

Angie said...

Darling! I bet you guys are getting soooo excited! A tip- in the beginnning, it will change your life and you may wonder how you're going to make it (on little to no sleep). Then after a short time, you'll wake up (after 10-11 hours of sleep)and realize you can't remember your life without her and wouldn't want to go back to the way it was before. I am soooo happy for you guys!