Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nikon D50's for sale: $300 [ALL GONE]

UPDATE: These were all sold well over a year ago.

I picked up a lot of D50's* from Craigslist. They come with lenses and extra batteries. I'm asking $300. Basically, a guy decided to start a photography business taking pictures of local kids' sports teams. It went under, and his investor/father-in-law liquidated his equipment to help recoup some of his investment.

They're in fantastic shape. I have extra batteries for most of them, and can hook you up with either a free or really cheap memory card, if you need it.

These are really good cameras. They're a little older than the Nikon D40, but are pretty similar. The main difference is that the D40 has a better LCD, but the D50 has a built-in focusing motor. Nikon removed it from the D40 to save on cost. Basically, this means that you can auto-focus with a lot more lenses on the D50 than the D40. It has the same resolution, and even the same sensor as my D70 which took this picture:

(full resolution)

Here's another example:

(full resolution)

It's a pretty solid deal. Let me know if you're interested.

*Technically, there should be no comma between the zero and "s", but some Nikon models end in "s". I don't want to confuse anyone.


Barb said...

Wow, Brad, how do you find these deals?

John said...

Brad, I am interested in the Nikon D 50's that you have for sale. Please email me at JohnThomas01@comcast.net.
Thanks, JT

Nate said...

HEY! i am wanting to buy one of those NIkon D50! My birthday is Sep. 12th and i have been looking for this camera for a WHILE and i am wondering if u can hold one for my so that i can buy it on my birthday...i am willing to pay $300 to $325 for it! please! email me at easterclothing@gmail.com. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad,
I've been wanting to buy a Nikon D50. Is it okay if you hold one for me? I'll try to save up for one by February. Please email me back at jbuentipo@aol.com

Luke said...

Hi Brad, I have been researching the d50 for a while now and I am interested in buying one of these camera bodies off of you. If you still have one available please email me at luker3421@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad, do you still have those D50s in stock, i am interested.

can you reply me to



Anonymous said...

Brad. If you have any left I am interested. rockrogers@yahoo.com