Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well, it's about time...

(PICTURED: The federal government attempting to fix the economy)

"WASHINGTON – Republicans lined up Sunday in opposition to a second economic stimulus package, a rare demonstration of unity from an out-of-power political party in search of a rallying cry against President Barack Obama." - AP via Yahoo!

On the one hand, I like to see this kind of response. On the other hand, they should have done the same thing when Bush, Bernake and Paulson shoved the TARP down America's throat a year ago. The fact that they didn't makes them look like they're opposing Obama's plans for partisan reasons rather than legitimate policy differences.

Which, of course, most of them are.

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Jef Nance said...

hey, Brad, great points, well done.

And Bush did a great job of laying the perfect foundation for Obama's plans, made 'em look like a continuation rather than a U-turn, didn't it?

Being 'Democrat Light' won't get votes. Nice to see them give some opposition, even if late.

We'll see how hard they fight.

Nice blog, Brad, keep up the great work!