Sunday, August 30, 2009

A complete and unmitigated disaster

No, I'm not talking about Social Security again. I'm talking about the Chiefs. Specifically the third preseason game against the Seahawks. For a recap:

*Our $60 million quarterback, on whom all hope relies, went down with a leg injury in the first series.
*Two other key players were injured during the game, and a couple others were injured shortly before.
*Our kicker, an unexpected bright spot during the preseason so far, missed two field goals and screwed up a kickoff.
*Special teams largely continued to suck.
*Our offense only put 3 points on the board the entire game.
*Tyler Thigpen, who was supposed to be on display in order to boost his trade value, played like crap.
*We lost a home game we were favored to win.

There's a good chance that ultra-brittle, third-stringer Brodie Croyle will start our opening game at quarterback. It's anyone's guess as to who will finish it.

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