Thursday, September 08, 2005

This phone is amazing...

The Treo 650 is charging right now. I got it to sync with Outlook, and didn't have to add any of my contacts manually. That was a relief. I got my email set up on it, and can now send and receive emails anywhere I get a signal. I can also surf the web. That's nice. I loaded Google Maps onto it with a program a guy wrote for it. That's nice too. I can take pictures, take video, and all kinds of other goodies. Nice, nice, nice. All I need now is an SD card, and I don't have to worry about an iPod, because this guy plays music too. Not a bad investment for $58. If I could get more than one rebate, I'd buy as many as I could and ebay them. I'd make at least $100 a pop. If you have Sprint, and you need a new phone, you should SERIOUSLY think about this. Of course, you'll have to pay $299 unless you can do the warranty swap with CompUSSR, but I'd still think about it, if you're in the market.

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