Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My New Laptop

I'm picking this guy up from CompUSA for $1499 after I worked out a deal with a manager. It retails for $1999, but I had a creative purchase plan that allowed me to get it for $300 below cost. Win/Win situation for me and the manager. I just have to wait until CompUSA gets them in stock, which will hopefully be sometime before February is over. Hopefully someone figures out how to dual-boot Windows on these guys in the meantime.

The real beauty is that I'm paying for it entirely with giftcards that I got for free from the AOL/CompUSA debacle on Black Friday, and will have about $1200 of the gift cards refunded to me in cash at a 1/1 cash/credit ratio. Then I get to sell my 12" Powerbook, and keep whatever I get from it. Basically, I'm getting paid to get a brand-new, top of the line laptop. Gotta love it.

I almost forgot. I plan on claiming both laptops as business expenses for my eBay operations. I'll have to look into whether I can claim the full amount, the depreciation, or both, but in any case it should work out well.

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TheMemoWriter said...

I can't wait any longer for one of those laptops. I want one so bad. I think I will wear it as a belt buckle for a while to show it off. Maybe I'll be one of those guys who hangs out at the bars and plays with his laptop. Ok, probably not.