Monday, May 01, 2006

"Houston, we have a problem..."

I think we may have hit a snag on the house.  We'll find out more on Tuesday.  If this one doesn't work out, there will be others.  We're in no rush.


N. J. Thomas said...

yo yo Brad!

Did you see that apple is doing a quiet recall of mac book pro batteries? I'm not sure if it'll help you with your problems with noise, but it's interesting to see that they're giving way a bit.

Also, I just ordered a dell inspiron e1505. I was about 3 seconds away from getting the e1405, then changed my mind.

Brad Raple said...

Yeah, unfortunately my battery is dead on my MBP. It's not the battery's fault though. Either my AC adapter or the power plug on the motherboard went out yesterday, so I have no way to recharge it. I'm hoping it's the motherboard. If it is, maybe they'll replace it. That should take care of most of my problems, assuming they don't put another bunk motherboard in there. I'm pretty fed up. Based on all the little problems I was having, I was convinced it was defective from the first couple weeks. Now the POS won't work at all.

N. J. Thomas said...

As dell seems to be in the third itteration of the e1505, I'm hoping these kinds of problems won't exist.

On that note, though, if I do have a problem, I might ask you to be my official reseller.

Moving on. So I want to hear about your new job. Who will you be working for and what will you be doing, generally?

Brad Raple said...

I do sell a lot of Dell stuff. I actually have two laptops I need to unload at the moment. Pretty solid ones too, considering I paid $500 for them.

I'll be working for a mid-size civil defense firm in KCMO. I'll mainly be working on asbestos litigation and other toxic torts.

So you're starting at KU? I'll have to hook you up with the motherload of outlines, study materials, and general law school advice that no one bothered to give me when I started.

Email me directly. That way we don't have to converse through the comments section of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Ive got some flashcards left that I could sell too.