Sunday, September 17, 2006

The iMac is working out smoothly, for the most part.

My iMac is working pretty well. I was a little bummed out about going from a 20" to a 17" LCD, but in reality the LCD on the iMac is MUCH better than most 17" LCD's. It's 1440x900 as opposed to 1280x1024 like most 17" LCD's. I don't notice the size difference nearly as much as I had feared.

One snag I've run into is that my external backup drive from my Windows machine is formatted in NTFS, and for some reason neither my iMac nor my MacBook can read it. I'm currently installing Windows on my MacBook via Boot Camp so that I can access it. Once I get that done, I'll dump my data on my iMac via networking and format the drive in HFS so I won't have that problem anymore.

Once I have all my files on the iMac, I'll hook up the external drive and set it up for automated backups, so I never lose my data again. I'd like to get some NAS, but it would probably be cheaper just to buy a low-end/used computer for a fileserver.

In retrospect, I should have just kept my CPU/Motherboard/RAM that I sold. The money I got was nice, but now I have these extra parts, and will probably spend close to that just to get a good backup system, whether I go the NAS or cheap PC route.

You live and learn, I suppose.

edit: Just in case "thepcguy" misconstrued my comments about keeping the old PC, I meant to use pretty much strictly as a fileserver.


Shockerengr said...

nah, you were right to sell the parts.

oh, and geeks has a NAS for ~$50, with a usb2 port (something mine is missing and i wish it had....100BaseT just doesn't feel all that fast with gigs of data, then again, neither does SATA)

Anonymous said...

Compatibility issus with a mac? Heaven to Betsy!

"I guess you live and learn."

Well, you obviously didn't learn anything from my warnings. Since your return period probably hasn't lapsed, allow me to try again:

You have paid WAY TOO MUCH for an inferior machine. Your screen is tiny. Your ram is weak. Your machine doesn't even work with your existing equipment. (What is this, 1993?)

Worry not, I have an easy solution. Step one: Return or sell all of your mac equipment. Step two: Log onto a site such as and purchase what you need. It will be ready to go, right out of the box and will work with your PC hardware. And Dell's customer service is second to none.

Ahhh...if only you had listened.

Do YOU live and learn?

Brad Raple said...

"Dell's customer service is second to none."

Wow. I was going to write another lengthy response about how "thepcguy" doesn't know what he's talking about, but that statement says it much more succinctly and powerfully than I could have hoped to.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so hows that POS apple system working out? Did you buy it because you liked those TV commercials? "Oh look, I'm an apple, I'm so easy, blah blah blah." Didn't anyone tell you not to believe everything you see on TV?

yopele said...

How the hell do you get an ignorant heckler on a blog? You must be very popular, Brad. Apparently, on top of ignorant, you got one with a selective reading problem as well. More fodder for the herd. "I must buy Windows; I must purchase from Dell; I am unique and special, just like everyone else." What a winning catch!

Brad Raple said...

I just hope "thepcguy" isn't a Raiders/Broncos fan. Then he'll be complaining about me liking the Chiefs, too.