Monday, July 09, 2007

Bad Day

In addition to my fight with Overstock earlier, I got the shaft from at least two other companies today.

I shipped a TV several weeks ago to an eBay customer via FedEx. Several weeks later, I discovered that he never received the package. I called about 6 times, and finally learned that FedEx had damaged the TV, decided it was unsalvageable, and sent it to be destroyed. The problem is, they never told me about it. I filed a claim, which was denied. I'm still waiting on the official reason. I'm absolutely furious. How can they throw my TV away, and deny my claim altogether? I insured it, and followed every step they asked me to take. I'll probably have to send them a nastygram on legal letterhead.

AT&T is on my short list as well. My home phone was supposed to be hooked up last week, but for unknown reasons was not. I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone with them, was transferred through 4 different people, only to be told that they didn't know what the problem was, but they'll look into it.

Sprint made the list as well. My phone drops calls every day, sometimes as many as 4-6 times per. It sucks. Terribly. I'm extremely close to canceling my contract, and eating the termination fee. I'd switch to the iPhone, but I'd rather wait until the next revision. Plus, my confidence in AT&T is diminished after my exchange with them tonight. I don't think I can keep dealing with Sprint the way it is though. I'm basically hosed.

Oh, and it appears that Blogger isn't working properly either. It won't let me type a title for the post, unless I really screw around with it. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's irritating.


Paul said...

I believe that is the world telling you to have a beer or several.

And then calling the chuck...

dn said...

I've noticed the Blogger post title issue, too. It seems to give you the cursor if you click on the title field JUST ABOVE where an intelligent person would click.