Monday, July 09, 2007

A friendly discussion...

Here's the blow-by-blow from my confrontation with "Aubrey" from's elite customer service team. As a bit of a background, I've contacted them numerous times, and never get the same answer.

Aubrey: Thanks for visiting, this is Aubrey, how can I help you?
you: I need to figure out where my order is.
Aubrey: I'll be glad to check that for you.
Aubrey: May I have your order number or email address please?
you: [removed]
Aubrey: Thank you.
Aubrey: For security purposes, can you please verify the name and billing address on the account?
you: [Removed]
Aubrey: Thank you for verifying your details, Brad.
you: No problem.
Aubrey: Just for confirming, are you referring to your order for 'Vizio 42-inch Widescreen Plasma HDTV'?
you: yes.
Aubrey: Thank you for confirming.
Aubrey: After reviewing your account, I see that your item was shipped on 06/28/2007 and is currently in transit to you.
you: When will it arrive? I need to make arrangements for delivery.
you: I was told it would arrive today.
Aubrey: Since this is a Oversized item, it will be delivered to you with in 3-6 weeks from the order date.
you: can i get an actual date? I was given one earlier.
you: 3-6 weeks is an unacceptable time frame. i need to plan for the delivery.
Aubrey: The actual delivery date depends on the freight carrrier.
you: how can I check?
Aubrey: I'll provide you the link to the tracking of your order.
Aubrey: Click here to track your order.
Aubrey: The HWB number is 10669200.
you: The due date is 7/9/07
you: That's today.
Aubrey: It depends on the carrier, the delivery date may be rescheduled.
Aubrey: Oversized items are normally delivered within 3 to 6 weeks from the order date.
Aubrey: The freight carrier will contact you 24-48 hours prior to delivery to arrange a delivery time.
you: I need to know when my TV will arrive. I can't be here every day for 3-6 weeks waiting on it. How can I get a firm time frame?
Aubrey: The phone number used to contact you will be the daytime and evening phone numbers provided during checkout
you: 3-6 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time for shipping.
you: I had no idea it would take so long.
you: Does it say that anywhere during the checkout process?
you: I was told that it would arrive today.
Aubrey: We consider TVs that are more than 26" as Oversized items.
you: that doesn't explain why it takes 6 weeks for delivery, or if there is any mention that it takes that long.
Aubrey: If the Oversized items are rushed during delivery, they may arrive damage.
Aubrey: The Oversized items needs to be transported carefully and slowly.
you: What are you talking about? They're obviously coming via truck. Even if the truck is moving 10 miles per hour, it would still arrive long before 6 weeks are up.
you: I don't expect it to be delivered via rocket sled, but I don't expect it to be delivered via covered wagon either.
Aubrey: The 3-6 weeks I mentioned is the maximum timeframe to receive this order. However, there is also a chance that this order gets delivered to your earlier than this timeframe.
you: But there's no way to determine when it will arrive?
Aubrey: I can certainly understand your point of view.
Aubrey: But, the delivery time frame of an Oversized item is 3-6 weeks from the order date.
you: So, just to confirm, you're telling me that any TV larger than 26 inches will arrive in 3-6 weeks, unless it arrives sooner, or unless the delivery date is pushed back, and there is no way to tell when?
Aubrey: Click here to view our 'Oversized Item Delivery Policy'.
Aubrey: Since the freight carrier delivers the item.
Aubrey: The scheduled time frame is to decided by the freight carrier.
you: Wow. I wish this would have been clear when I placed the order. I get to wait for their phone call for the next month and a half, and apparently have to be home when they deliver it. This is great.
Aubrey: You can also check for updated information by calling 1-888-763-0595.
you: I tried that earlier. They didn't answer. I'll give it a shot again.
Aubrey: Is there anything else I can help you with?
you: Apparently not. Thanks anyway.

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