Sunday, August 05, 2007

You need one of these.

Assuming you have at least a TV, receiver, and DVD player. Logitech makes a whole line of universal remotes under their Harmony moniker. I've got the 670 in the photo above.

It makes things simple. Press the "Watch TV" button to watch TV. Any guesses what the "Watch Movie" button does? Once it's set up, which is easily done from the computer, you just hit the right button. You don't have to worry about switching inputs on your TV and receiver. It does it for you.

Hillary used to get frustrated with watching TV. This makes it easy again. You can get them for under $50, if you have a topic alert set up with FatWallet, and are patient.


TheMemoWriter said...

How well does it work with the cable box? I've never had good luck with universal remotes for cable boxes. My Time Warner remote has like 100 buttons.

Brad Raple said...

It works pretty well with my cable box. I have it set up in "dummy mode" but I've heard it works very well if you tinker with some of the advanced settings. I love it.