Saturday, April 26, 2008


The Home Depot Coupon was a scam. This irks me on two levels.

First, I got duped. I paid for a worthless item. I'm pretty confident I'll get my money back, one way or another, but I still fell for it. Also, because I tried to use the phony 20% coupon, I missed the opportunity to get one of the legitimate 10% coupons from the USPS Mover's Guide.

Second, I'm an eBay Power Seller. I rely on people trusting me on eBay. The more people have experiences like this, the less they'll trust eBay transactions. This type of thing really hurts the legitimate sellers by scaring away potential customers.

I'm going to call PayPal, and also my Power Seller Representative. I really want to try to get these accounts suspended.

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