Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hillary and I watched a bullriding competition in El Dorado last weekend. It was a new experience, and definitely outside my normal routine, but interesting. Although someone needs to teach the bulls how to wipe. Trust me.

My D300 did very well. It kept the shutter speeds high enough to freeze the action, even after the sun went down.

This guy reminds me of Tim McGraw, for some reason.

It's ridiculous how athletic these bulls are. And how crazy the riders are.

He is not amused.

You mess with the bull, etc.

And the hooves, apparently.

This guy is pulling off his Kevin Bacon in Footlose impersonation. With a bull. Yeah.

Those horns look like saber toothed tiger fangs. And although I wasn't around, I'm quite confident cavemen didn't compete on how long they could stay on the backs of saber toothed tigers.

This guy messed with the bull as well.

This bull weighs 1700 pounds. And he can beat my vertical leap, four times over.


Hillary said...

I laughed so hard looking at these pictures and reading your commentary. We had fun didn't we? Totally out of our element--even though I grew up in that town. It is kind of a cowboy junction around there. The riders have to be crazy....

Sherry said...

Those are some neat pictures and I enjoyed your commentary too! Haha