Sunday, September 27, 2009


"LOS ANGELES – A surprise arrest at the Zurich airport, detention at the hands of Swiss authorities, and a high-profile extradition process that could take weeks or months. The irony is that for Roman Polanski, the acclaimed director accused of child rape three decades ago, this latest ordeal could lead to the one thing he's lacked since: his freedom." - AP article, via Yahoo!

Seriously? In what way has he lacked freedom? He fled the country prior to sentencing. For the last 30-odd years, he's been able to go anywhere he wants within France, and apparently all over Europe. This wasn't a statutory rape situation, either. He took naked pictures of a 13 year-old girl, lured her back to this guy's house, drugged her, and raped her after she passed out.

Apparently many people are willing to look the other way, because he's a talented director. Well, Michael Vick, O.J. Simpson, and hell, even Bernie Madoff were pretty good at what they did, too. They all served time. And none of them were admitted child rapists, either.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding. I love how people are coming out of the woodwork to defend him.

He was 43. She was 13. That means she was in 7TH GRADE!!!! 7TH GRADE!!! Rape is rape. He even admitted his guilt. He plead it down to statutory (which was damn lucky) and still hopped out of the country. He told police that it wasn't a big deal because she had sex before. Seriously?

The victim wants the charges dropped. The beautiful people in Hollywood (and some not so beautiful) think we all should forgive him. So why do we care? Why don't we just let him be? No. We care because we have mothers, sisters, daughters, friends who are women... We care because rape is rape and no one should skate above the law. I don't care what movies you have made.

Shame on you Hollywood. Shame on you. What if it were your 13 year old daughter?