Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hate television

Do we really need TWO TV dramas about human lie detectors who wear suits with no ties?


JB said...

What is your issue with them wearing suits without ties? I am against the shows as well, but I don't have any tie related issues.

Speaking of which, I am considering getting rid of cable completely. What do you think?

Brad Raple said...

I don't have a problem with suits with no ties. I have a problem with television shows that are so cookie cutter their characters not only do the exact same thing, starting in the exact same season, but have the same fashion idiosyncrasies.

The only reason I ever willingly watch television is for KU and Chiefs games. The Chiefs I can see over the air in HD, assuming they're not blacked out. I don't want to miss KU football, but I don't want to spend $130/month to watch it, either. I could almost see it live, for that. KU basketball would be tough to live without, though.

I'll probably cancel my cable completely after the NCAA tournament.