Friday, February 24, 2006

First Time Published

OK, so it's not the cover of National Geographic, but I was proud of it anyway. Check it out, if you want.

Hopefully we'll see some more dunking like the above over a team wearing orange tomorrow. Expect a post about the Texas game after it happens. I'll keep this post brief. I think it's a 50/50 chance, but if we play to our potential we'll win, no matter what Texas does.

I know this blog has been taking on a rather "Crimson and Blue" motif lately, but I promise not to talk all basketball. That being said, most of the reader comments come in response to my basketball ramblings, so maybe I'll just give the people what they want.

Edit: We did NOT "play to our potential" considering Brandon rush made only one basket, and we sucked on 3's. Letting Texas hit over half of their shots, letting them outrebound us, and having no transition game didn't help either.

BUT, it's not the end of the world. We get another crack at them in the Big 12 tourney, and I hope this loss motivated them. We'll see what happens.


yopele said...

Nice looking photo! Sasha make basket.

yopele said...

Looks like the win streak ends tonight. Oh well, it was a nice ride. We just got to hope that the team responds as well to this loss as it did to the Missouri one. If so, then Sweet 16 could be in our future.

Paul said...

Nice Pics and congrats on the published pic!

No comment on other rumblings ;o)

yopele said...

I forgot to acknowledge the Shockers' capturing of the conference title. Fantastic for the team and its fans! And good luck to 'em in the tourney. I'll be pulling for both Mo. State and Wichita State, at least until either faces KU.

TheMemoWriter said...

Hey nice job on the photo! What can you say about the game? I say, no point in getting upset. It clearly wasn't our day. Like Dave said, the question is: how will they respond? This was a game they could afford to lose. In just a few weeks, there will not be any more of those kind of games. So if we were going to pick a time to have a bad day, I guess that was it.

Good news: that was the toughest environment that we'll have to play in for the rest of the season.

Bad news: we haven't been great on the road, and from here on out, the majority of the games will be either on the road or neutral. Hopefully we can respond well to the new environements.

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